Evolver is a Belgian hardcore deejay, resident and promotor for Hardcore Maniacs. He has been resident for Hardcore Maniacs since the beginning in 2003. During the last 5 years, he played at most of the hardcore gigs in Belgium. Including gigs like 'Hardcore Universe', 'Bassleader', 'Sektor9', 'Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet', 'Noize Suppressor · Sonar world tour' and many many more... Check for more info.
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Thomas 'Bemt' Vanden Bempt also known as 'Noizefact' is a Hardcore Maniacs resident dj since 2009. After visiting the first series of Hardcore Maniacs parties in 2003 and 2004, Noizefact was now determined to play at that party. Noizefact preformed officially for the first time at Hardcore Maniacs 6, the 29th of August 2008. After a second good preformance at Hardcore Maniacs 8, their most known dj, Evolver, recognised Noizefact's talent and introduced him as a Hardcore Maniacs resident dj. As several Hardcore Maniacs parties took place, it became clear Noizefact has his typical way of always playing harder and faster. Noizefact is now known for his uptempo, frenchcore, terror and speedcore sets.

Xerxes (AKA Bart Maes) is a wayward artist from Leuven, Belgium. As a young boy, he got obsessed with the harder styles in dance music and started experimenting with mainstream hardcore. His DJ career started in 2008. A friend of Bart said he should try and mix a few hardcore tracks together. He fell in love immediately. From than onwards, he produced several mainstream hardcore sets for big online radio stations and small hardcore events monthly. Later on, he experimented with other styles in the Gabber Scene. Nowadays, Xerxes is busy with Industrial Hardcore and Crossbreed. 2012 was the year he started his own podcast called "The X3Cast" which holds the best and new Crossbreed and Industrial Hardcore records. More info check:

Personal Rival was originally born as Raf Geuns. At first he played the pounding hardcore sounds at home, but after a year he thought it was time to share his passion with the rest of the hardcore lovers. In the beginning of 2010, he entered a DJ contest which was organised by Club Factory. Surprisingly he made his way to the finals and gained a stunning second place. At the end of 2010, he joined the Hardcore Maniacs resident team. Now, Raf is trying to make his own records and is still looking for his own sound. Stay tuned!

The Betrayer was born in the year 1983. The first CD purchased by him was "Happy Hardcore 2" in 1995. Since then he evolved along with the music. In 2000 he bought his first turntables and started practicing with mixing Techno. Because of several reasons his turntables moved to the attic but since 2008 they were pulled from under the dust. He started mixing hardcore and is workiung his way up into the Belgian Hardcore Scene. Since 2008 he is resident at the organization Hardcore Maniacs.

The Snatcher, or also known as Thomas Cludts, lives in Erps-Kwerps (a small town not far from Leuven). Thanks to his nephew, "Evolver", he got in contact with the harder styles at a very young age. At the age of 12, The Snatcher started mixing some hardcore tracks with Virtual DJ. After a couple of years of practicing, it was time for the real deal. He decided to buy some real dj gear. His first gig was at Hardcore Maniacs in Aarschot, near Leuven. After that he became a resident for this organisation. His sets are always as hard as possible and energy-packed.