Hardcore Maniacs - Kerst met Ballen!

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As you might have heard, the hardcore party that was foreseen this Saturday 27/12 in Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Belgium has been cancelled earlier this week due to a failure of an other organisation.

In this whole story, the biggest victim is you and we noticed that a lot of party people have been left in the cold. A lot of people already made plans to come to Aarschot and there wasn't really an alternative. We as Hardcore Maniacs decided we could not let this happen. It's not the time of the year to leave people in the cold.

That’s why Hardcore Maniacs decided to organise a last minute ‘alternative’ hardcore party, on the 27th in Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot. We filled the line-up with our residents and we are getting the support of many Belgian guest dj’s!

We will charge only a small doorsale price of € 5

Share this event as much as possible so we can still make it an unforgettable party! (https://www.facebook.com/events/1396996137260604 )

Last but not least: we have NOTHING to do with Hard Events. We are Hardcore Maniacs and have been in the Belgian hardcore scene for over 11 years.
(28 successful events and not one of them cancelled http://bassq.com/hardcoremaniacs/past_events).

IMPORTANT!! For those who have tickets for the Hard Events party "Pokke Kerst Herrie - The Belgium Edition" those tickets will not be valid at Hardcore Maniacs. You can contact Hard Events to get a refund of your ticket.

For more info about Hardcore Maniacs, please e-mail: info@hardcoremaniacs.be